I have discovered that what motivates me on the treadmill is slowly changing…  It’s no longer for a hot, rockin’ bod (ya, like that’d happen anyway) or cute clothes (that aren’t designed for old ladies, made of polyester, and only found in my size in mail order catalogs), but for a whole new realm of opportunities that I had written off as “not possible”…

What motivates YOU to move?

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Day 3… OWWWWW!!!!!!

February 24, 2010

Cripes!  I do have a blister on my left foot.  about the size of a large Lima bean.  I hate Lima beans.

It is just below my big and second toe.  Cripes!  I wore moleskin all day yesterday and let it “breathe” last night.  It is not as tender this morning but still hurts.  The blister is not the only thing that hurts…

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