I am a 40 something at home mom living in the Midwest with a BMI (body mass index) of 42.7.  Long story short (shortest possible) i gained close to 100 pounds between 1995 and 1996 (I always tell people it was do to medical issues and divorce, which is true but that was 15 years ago, what’s my excuse now?!) and have gone down, and back up, by 20, 40 even as much as 60 pounds but can never keep it off.

I have done Weight Watchers, Nutri system, Prisms, Atkins, Physician monitored liquid diets…. just to name a few.  I have tried walking and the gym, but again… I’ve never stuck with it for more than a month.

I have a family medical history (I am adopted but know  my birth mother and have spoken to my birth father’s family) that is pretty depressing.  Bio dad died at 36 of heart attach, 90% blocked, bio mom has HORRIBLE cholesterol and triglycerides (so high she almost died of triglyceride induced pancreatitis) and there is a strong family history of diabetes.


I have had high triglycerides off and on for years, with that comes medication.  I have had borderline blood sugars, but have never been “diabetic”.  I had my gallbladder out about 10 years ago, well ahead of schedule for the “female, fat and forty” disease.  I have horrible knees, no energy, no stamina and am tired of trying to squish my hind side into an airline seat (with the help of the dreaded seat belt extender), crossing my fingers they don’t make me pay for a second seat… or even worse, seat me next to someone my size!

I have 2 children, one is 23 and living on his own and one is 11 and lives with my husband and I.  Both of my kids need me around.  I need to make some long overdue changes.  I have been indulgent and selfish long enough (and not just selfish towards my family, but towards me… I view food as a reward and it becomes cyclic sabotage… more on that later).  I have decided (sort of out of the blue) to get healthy.  I have a wonderful family that needs me.   I want to be around to enjoy them, and for them to enjoy me,  for many, many more years.

So, why start a blog?  Not sure.  I think it will help me be accountable.  It will (hopefully) be encouraging not only for myself but others, and, I am hoping that writing things down every day will keep my desire to be healthy in the front (the bright, cheery, aware) part of my mind, not in the back (dark, justifying, food comforting, pizza eating, enchilada and extra cheese eating… well, you get the idea) side of the brain.

So, here we go… I have no idea how long this will last, how successful I will be, but I have joined a gym and am ready to start changing.


9 Responses to “Who is this Morbidly Obese person?”

  1. Bunny Says:

    It’s Atkins by the way,not Adkins. Have you read the book? Am also curious if you’re on a specific plan? Best wishes, I know it’s hell!

    • Kitty Says:

      Thanks! I fixed Atkins. Yes, I read the book and tried the program several times with great results but it is not maintainable or realistic. I like my bread. It may work for someone else, just doesn’t for me. I am, with the whole “joining the gym thing”, simple making healthy choices, counting calories and eating the way we were meant to.

  2. april Says:

    Hi! I’m rooting for you!!

  3. Kitty Says:

    Thank you April! I have such a long way to go, but, I feel like I’ve come a long way already (in less than 3 weeks!). I am really excited at the changes I feel beginning to take place, let’s just hope I can keep up the motivation… this blog, and people like you, sure help!

  4. Kelly Says:

    I am so glad you posted on my blog so I could find you! I am rooting for you every single step of the way! 🙂

  5. Just found your blog today and am very excited about following your progress!

  6. Jayson Says:

    Hey Kitty, I just read your Son’s blog…what a funny, cool kid. I’m sorry that he has such severe health problems…if there is anyone in the world who deserves to be sick, it’s not him. Anyway…hang in there. I’m rooting for you and your entire family.

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