March 12, 2010

KAPOW!  I kicked it up a notch, again, on the treadmill today.  I went back to 40 minutes, all at 3 MPH…  however, today I did 2 sets of 10 minute intervals GOING UP HILL at 4.0!  “Holy heart failure Batman!” (yes, he really said this: ) and no, no one actually  had to perform CPR…

Now, although this got me breathing really hard (like the first phase of Lamaze) and made me truly glow (horses sweat, men perspire, women glow) it felt FANTASTIC when it was over!  Not only did it feel great but it really burned through the calories!  For example;  yesterday I did 30 minutes with 2 intervals on incline (one for 10 minutes, the other for 5) and burned 263 calories, TODAY I BURNED 360!

For those people who aren’t morbidly obese, you may think what I am walking may sounds like a cake walk, but, for those of you who know where I am coming from and how hard it is to even move at our weight you can appreciate why I feel so incredibly accomplished!  18 days ago I was trying just to get through a simple walk, with no incline and without passing out or throwing up.  Today I walked at a fast pace and uphill and I feel like a million bucks!


4 Responses to “Day 18: Treadmill… DON’T DECLINE THE INCLINE!”

  1. Samuel Says:

    Congrats on the steps you are taking. Last night was like that for me too, it may seem trivial but those little things you notice improvements on mean the world, and makes you more motivated to keep going.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Way to go sis!!!

  3. Jayson! Says:

    I started at 265lbs…Yup…I know what you’re saying about moving “at our weight”…it’s a bear! Good job. =)

    I still recommend mixing some swimming in there…it’s a lot easier on our joints, especially to start with. =)


  4. living400lbs Says:

    Actually some researchers have found that heavy people tend to adapt their walking to use less effort than a thin person carrying weights would. So being heavier doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing THAT much more work.

    OTOH, the more you walk, the more your body will adapt to walking. So people who regularly walk long distances or lift heavy things will have an easier time walking or lifting.

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