Day 16: I ROCKED the treamill!

March 10, 2010

WHOA!!!  I TOTALLY ROCKED THE TREADMILL TODAY!  Master of the machine, slave to none, kicked mechanical booty!   I FEEL LIKE WONDER WOMAN!  I wrapped my knee for the first time and then found the incline button of doom on the “beast” but conquered it all!  Now, keep in mind this whole euphoric experience did not come without it’s own set of challenges:  ever try to use an ace wrap on a squishy triangle?

After not being in the gym yesterday (and much of last week), do to scheduling and a sick kiddo, I was determined to not only get back in there today but at full speed ahead!

I decided it best to wrap my left knee… easy right?  uh, no.  I used to be in the medical field, I can’t even begin to tell you how many ace wraps I’ve put on patients, but my body type created a little bit of a challenge.  I carry all of my weight between my knees and my chest (remember my shelf butt… well, it starts at my knees!) and that part of me is not only very ample, it is very “squishy”.

I started by wrapping the ace tightly above the knee, loose over the knee, and tightly below… just like instructed by my dear SIL the trainer.  Well crap, that sure didn’t work! When I stood up and the top of the ace rolled down my squishy triangular lower thigh/leg to a pinching position right behind my knee, grabbing every millimeter of loose skin it could grab on the way.  Total pain.  Second try, looser at the top with the same result.  CRAP!  By about the 5th try I started wrapping it just barely above the knee cap and placed most of the support below the knee (where the pain is anyway) and it seemed OK.  Glory.   By the time I drove to the gym I was pleased to discover it was still in place and not painful so sweet, sweet victory was mine!!!!

So, knee wrapped and wanting to do a “good” workout I decided to try the incline button of doom on the hungry man-eating treadmill.  Since I knew I was going to be risking my life, trying to go uphill, I set the time for 30 minutes instead of 40… didn’t want to push my luck.  I looked around the gym, yep, plenty of people here to give me CPR if necessary.  I attached the little emergency stop clip to my shirt knowing full well if I got spit off the back end AT AN INCLINE I was sure to be steak tar tar, a gourmet meal for  the hungry beast from hell.

The first 2 minutes were spent working up to 3.0 MPH and by 5 minutes I drew a deep breath and pushed the incline button… up.  I set it for 4.0.  4.0?  Is this a 4% grade or is it the number of people who will be required to scrape me off the end of the machine with little shovels?  No clue, but I went for it anyway.  Hey, not so bad!  I did 5 minutes at 4.0 (whatever) and then took it back to 0.0 for another 5 minutes and then very confidently did another 5 minutes at 4.0!

Adding the incline definitely sped up my heart rate (though the damned machine still told me I was dead most of the time), my breathing, and got me to sweat a bit… but it also put a grin on me that stretched from ear to ear!

I did it!  2 five-minute intervals at an incline. I had no idea if I would ever even make it this far, just amazing.

Not only am I a morbidly obese woman moving my body in a gym, but, I am definitely improving!!!


9 Responses to “Day 16: I ROCKED the treamill!”

  1. Jayson! Says:

    Way to Go Kitty! I know CPR too, so have no fear! =)

  2. Kitty Says:

    Ha ha! That is soooooooo reassuring with you being in CA and me in NE! Hope you are doing well in your efforts, keep up the great work!

  3. Jayson! Says:

    It’s called Adrenaline, Kitty! If I knew you were in trouble, I’d would supersonically fly over to you like Wonder Woman! Mwah!

  4. Kitty Says:

    OMG this truly made me laugh out loud!!!

  5. Jayson Says:

    Which part made you laugh? The silliness of saying I’ll fly across the United States or imagining my 232 lb. body squeezed into a women’s size 8 star spangled bikini outfit? =P

  6. Jamie Says:

    Way to go sis! Persistance and determination will do it every time, booyah!! Intervaling the incline was perfect. You’re not only on the road to a whole new you, but you’re owning it!!

  7. Jamie Says:

    Also love the wonder woman pic, very cool!! 🙂

  8. april Says:

    way to go!! The treadmill is so hard!

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