Day 12: The Food Side of It

March 5, 2010

Fact:  Breathing is definitely not optional.  My head cold is traveling to my chest.  Hope it’s having a fun trip, it’s certainly not what I had in mind.  So, since I’m home with handfuls of tissues let’s talk calories again…

Even though I am not weighing on my scale (for a month, remember?) I can already feel and see my body shape starting to change…  Woooo Hooo!   Just little things like minimal butt shelf loss, tummy has gone from looking 7 months pregnant to 5 or 6 months along and I dare say one of my chins has moved on to greener pastures.

I have been doing this with 40 minutes a day on the hungry monster, er uh… treadmill, 5 days a week and by consuming 1500-1800 calories.  Granted, while I am sick I am consuming significantly fewer calories, but on a whole i average around 1600-1800 a day.  This is just AMAZING to me!  Sooo many more calories than any “diet” I have ever done!

As far as the food goes;  I am eating small meals and/or snacks throughout the day.  No large, heavy meals and lots of small things like fat-free, sugar-free pudding cups, granola bars and bananas.  When I do have a “meal” it is between 200-500 calories MAX.

The only 2 rules I am really trying to follow is that I am eating nothing fried and consuming very little processed sugar (only if it is already added into a food I am eating;  no candy, Blizzards, ice cream, etc).

I find this actually quite doable.  I have never really been a “snacker” during the day.  By adding in these snacks I find that when the next meal comes I am not a ravenous beast, frothing at the mouth, ready to eat anything and everything that crosses my path!  Evenings  have always been my downfall.  In the past when “dieting” I could do beautifully all day and then come 7:00, tv time, I would consume hundreds, if not thousands of calories between 7 and 10 while watching “our shows”  (we DVR).  Now, since I have incorporated snacks that are healthy and low cal, it really isn’t a problem.  Also, the beauty of eating small meals is you get more of them 🙂  Yes, this makes me a very happy camper.

The “diet” mentality just doesn’t cut it for me.  I have “dieted” since high school (when I really didn’t need it) and it’s never been successful long-term, usually not even short-term.  The reason?  The second I start a “diet” I feel deprived and starving.  This is nuts for someone who weighs what I do!  If stranded on a desert island with nothing but clean drinking water I could live off my body fat alone for a year… and I still wouldn’t look like Gilligan, Mary Anne or Ginger!  With my metabolism I’d still look like the skipper!

So exercising and small, controlled meals seems to be the key here.  I have heard this all my life, why is it that it took this long to sink in?  I know I am a stubborn (even a little rebellious) person, but really!

So, one more day on the couch with crinkled tissues piling up and the remote in hand.  My fever has broken, so by tomorrow if I haven’t coughed up a lung, I will try to get some time in on the treadmill again.  Here’s hoping!


3 Responses to “Day 12: The Food Side of It”

  1. Jayson! Says:

    Hey Kitty!
    I’m glad your food plan is working for you. Whatever works is a good thing!

    Do you plan out your meals ahead of time? I always find that helps a ton!

    And a food journal!

    And being accountable on here is great too…especially at night.

    My calories are based on my weight x 7 calories. Currently I have 1666 calories a day, and I’m 238 pounds. That’s the “Biggest Loser” formula anyway. =)

    I’m also working out 5 times a week, and running 5 times a week! Whew! Keep kicking ass!

  2. cma23 Says:

    The Hunger Monster! LOL! It’s kinda like “Death stepping.”

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