Day 9: Wait, What… AM I DEAD?

March 2, 2010

After yesterday’s discovery that my heart rate is lower with exertion I was sure to monitor it frequently today (with a big cheesy grin that had everyone in the gym wondering what in the world I was so happy about).

Same as before… you know;   push the little flashing heart thingy on the treadmill’s dashboard, grab the sensor handles,  find out what your pulse is.  I had been walking at 3.0 MPH for about 15 minutes, my heart rate had been stellar for several readings and then it said I was DEAD!  What a buzz kill!!!

I was almost certain I wasn’t dead.  I could see “Barbie’s” sister 3 machines down running as if being chased by a bear just out of  hibernation, I could see senior “Ken” one machine closer to me.  I could see my reflection in the mirror (thus also proving I am not a vampire) and I could feel my heavy breathing.  So what gives?

I did the same thing 3 times, no pulse.  I am dead.  Well, crap… what a lot of work for nothing.

Finally on the fourth go I came back to life, my heart rate was 132… glory, not only am I alive but it is a good healthy, fat burning number!  Whew.


2 Responses to “Day 9: Wait, What… AM I DEAD?”

  1. Jayson! Says:


  2. Laura Says:

    I am happy you are not a vampire too!

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