Day 8: No Longer a Slave to My Scale!!!

March 1, 2010

I got up this morning, totally psyched to have my first weekly weigh in!  I pee’d (every ounce counts you know) took off my slippers, balanced the beautiful, gleaming scale to 0.0 and carefully balanced myself in the very center.  WHAT THE HELL?!!!

I have weighed obsessively every day throughout the week (which i know you are NOT supposed to do)  and knew I was down 4 or more pounds.  So when it told me this morning I had only lost 2 pounds in a week of grueling workouts, shopping marathons and monitored eating I was pissed.  I know, 2 pounds is supposed to be very good.  However, understand that EVERY diet I have ever done (do to my high weight) I usually drop 7-10 pounds the first week.  Again, I know,  water weight.

In my mind by I should have lost the 10 pounds and look like Sandra Bullock this morning!

Needless to say it was very hard to go to the gym today.  Even knowing, logically, I have done everything right I was still in a horrible mindset over what the scale told me.  What was the point of all this, this is hard work after all!!!

Then something  happened that caused a huge revelation.

I routinely check my heart rate while on the treadmill, to make sure I’m not pushing my morbidly obese self too hard, and it has always been in the high 140’s to low 150’s throughout my workout.  Today it stayed around 131-132 THE ENTIRE TIME!  My heart is healthier?!


Wow, this immediately improved my mood and mindset.  As i was cruising along, basking in the knowledge I had already made a difference I made a decision.  I AM NO LONGER GOING TO BE A SLAVE TO MY SCALE.  There is no room for me to get discouraged here.  The scale, after all, is only one way to measure success.  I am feeling better, have more energy, am in a better mood and apparently I have already increased my stamina!  Wow!

Coincidentally today is the first of March.  I have weighed.  I am banning myself from stepping on the scale again until April first.  This is not going to be easy… people that know me are aware of how I am a creature of habit and a bit obsessive (LOL) about things.  However, it does feel quite freeing to know I won’t be weighing again for a month.  I will just determine my progress by my workouts, how I feel, how my clothes fit and so on.  Huh, who’d a thought I’d do something healthy for my body without a scale????


8 Responses to “Day 8: No Longer a Slave to My Scale!!!”

  1. ConnieVV Says:

    I could come take it away for you. LOL

  2. Jamie Says:

    Horray for you!! The wonderful thing is, not only is your body getting healthier, your mind is too! You are developing whole new mindsets,(which is 3/4 of the reformation) and breaking away from the daily weighing is great! You’re right, what is important is that you are strengthening your heart, expanding your lung capicity, and conditioning yourself all the way around. The weight will come off as time goes, 2 pounds in a week is perfect!! That is exactly the amount that you want to be losing in a week. So you are doing everything wonderfully sis!! Keep it going girl!! 🙂

  3. Jayson! Says:

    Heya Kitty! I’m in the same boat with you, today. I weigh once a week, every single Monday. My weight over the last 5 weeks has been -12, -2, -8, -1, -4.

    See what I mean? High weight, low weight, high weight, low weight…but I’m improving all around, and that’s the wonderful thing.

    Just keep working, it’ll get there!


    PS. Weighing once a week is totally reasonable…if you only weigh once a month, you may not be able to correct your path if you need to.

    • Kitty Says:

      I think I just have to not look for a month. If it’s not doing what I expect (like yours) I could be easily discouraged. We don’t need ANY of that! Keep up the good work Jayson!!!

  4. Laura Says:

    last year for lent I banned myself off the scale. When I finally allowed myself back on the scale I lost 15lbs! Doing it again this year, wish me luck!

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