Day 3… OWWWWW!!!!!!

February 24, 2010

Cripes!  I do have a blister on my left foot.  about the size of a large Lima bean.  I hate Lima beans.

It is just below my big and second toe.  Cripes!  I wore moleskin all day yesterday and let it “breathe” last night.  It is not as tender this morning but still hurts.  The blister is not the only thing that hurts…

My quads (apparently the muscles of my upper thighs, in the front, are [in the exercise world] referred to as quads… sounds like an ATV to me) are on fire!  With every step I take, every move I make (isn’t that a song?) they scream in pain.  I spent my first two hours in bed last night stretching my toes up and then down trying to alleviate the tension.

My sister-in-law is a certified personal trainer and advised me to start just 3 days a week, so taking today off is not only giving my body a break, apparently it’s actually good for it.  So, NOT beating myself up for NOT going to the gym today.  I will return tomorrow with moleskin and new socks with extra cushioning (thanks Chris!).

In the meantime I am in a huge quandary over what to do about calories.  My SIL (the trainer) calculated it for me and said I’m supposed to be at 2800 a day for my weight (and all the variables), this seems like a MASSIVE amount to me.  Every diet I have ever done I am always around 1200-1400 max.  I realize I am exercising but it really can’t be 2800?!!!!!!  I totally trust her, it just seems so wrong.  Since the major point of doing all this is to lose weight and get healthy I may just play with my calorie levels a bit.  I will start at between 1200-1400 and see if that works.

I definitely have  REAL appetite since I started working out (again… love being able to say THAT).  Not eating for boredom, or because it’s TIME to eat… but actually hungry!  Huh.  If I keep on being REALLY  hungry or see signs that it’s not enough I can increase it.

So much to figure out.  Why did I wait so long to do this and why did it ever have to get this bad?  I suppose the fact that I am doing something about it now should be a positive, I’m just so afraid I will flake out like I always have before.  However, at this point (day 3) I am still determined, and even excited, to keep going.  I just have to be realistic, this is not always going to be fun and exciting.  It is a lot of work and is really going to take commitment.


6 Responses to “Day 3… OWWWWW!!!!!!”

  1. rundadrun Says:

    I feel for you. I have had that pain after marathons and hard workouts. Hang in there and don’t get discouraged. I can’t help you much with the calories. I do think that 1200-1400 sounds really low. But, I am not a nutritionist.
    Happy running,

  2. Jamie Says:

    You are doing great sis, bravo!! I am glad that you decided to take today off. Your body is trying to get used to the new activity, and is like, wow what the heck is going on here? I know how you usually don’t like to ease into things, 🙂 but it is very important here, as not to overtrain, like we talked about yesterday. As far as the calories, those are what I came up with after doing your calculations. The other trainer from my company said that they were right, due to where you are starting out at. They did seem high to me also, but as we said yesterday, you can play around with them a bit to find what works the best for you. 12 to 1400 calories is way to low for you, and will actually do more harm, than good for your body. The main thing to remember, is that you are making a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. A 12 to 1400 daily calorie amount is considered crash dieting. Which number one, is unhealthy, and number two, is not a sustainable lifestyle of eating. Finding the number of calories that initially helps you healthfully lose weight, then eventually finding the amount to maintain your weight, after you have reached your goal, is the key to success. Also, spreading your calories out throughout the day in 5 or 6 small meals is perfect. That way your metabolism is constantly burning calories, and your body never feels like it is starving, which will lower your metabolic rate. Those fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains and fat free dairy are awesome. I highly suggest starting out no lower than 2000 calories. But, it’s your choice and body.:) Keep up the motivation girl!! With a little trial and error and learning along the way, you will reach your goal!

  3. Bunny Says:

    I believe your SIL is saying that in order to keep up with the weight that you are at now would require 2800 calories dsily. Otherwise it makes NO sense to me either! The only “plan” I know of where calories don’t matter so much is Atkins. (Or other low carb plans) Which I’m on thank God!Because I like to, no wait, I LOVE to eat!

  4. Just stumbled by your blog and I wish you the best of luck! I believe in your SIL, calories are dependent upon your body type, weight, and other factors. If you usually eat 2000+ calories normally, it wouldn’t make sense to cut it down significantly since you’re going to be exercising more often and therefore, you’ll need more food at the beginning, especially protein.

    By the way, don’t avoid carbs, just be smarter about them. Have sweet potatoes, yams, quinoa, whole grains, and beans. Lower your intake of cookies, cakes, and sugary sodas. I’m sure your trainer has already provided you with the necessary dietary information. Good luck!

  5. Lawn Care Says:

    outstanding post! great advice, will take on board!

  6. living400lbs Says:

    FYI, something I learned with doing physical therapy for my leg is that the “quads” are actually 4 muscles. They all attach to the knee cap together but one starts on the outside of the thigh, one on the inside, and 2 on the front. They all work together. Fascinating 😉

    RE: socks, I wear Thorlon walking socks with, yes, extra cushioning. They are expensive but they’re worth it to me. (Or maybe I’m worth it. Can I say that without L’Oreal suing me?)

    Re: calories, I’m not trying to lose weight now but in the past I have found that most systems really don’t know how to deal with someone over 300lbs who isn’t a pro football player.

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