Day 2 at the gym…

February 23, 2010

Let me start by saying I felt AMAZING all day yesterday!  I had tons of energy, my mood was phenomenal and i do believe I slept better than I have in a long time.

Then I got up this morning….

Holy Crap!  What did I do to myself?  As I got out of bed it felt like I had been held hostage in a rock tumbler all night,  Every muscle in my body ached!  Seriously, I only walked, how can EVERYTHING hurt?  Every single muscle in my body was declaring mutiny.  However, I rallied them and stated “mind over matter” and limped to the bathroom.

By the time I had coffee going and my 11-year-old was up I was fully upright and even dressed.  I dropped him at band practice and “headed for the gym to workout”… Man, how I love saying THAT!

This morning I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of Barbies.  Today was senior Ken day.  A group of 60 something guys that knew each other in high school were there doing their thing.  Good for them.  I say good for them as if they were elderly and frail but these dudes were pressing weights, burning up the treadmill and blazing like fire on the elliptical.  I was respectfully humbled and inspired.

I prepared to do my time on the treadmill, but “doing my time” sounded like a prison sentence.  So, instead of the time I focused on calories burned.  Wow, it’s amazing how many calories you can burn just walking when you weigh what I do!  I melted off my whole grain toast with butter,  my coffee with milk and have even earned a free banana!  woooo hooooo for me!

They say the second day is the hardest, mission accomplished.  If I can make it to day three it will be a huge victory.

There is one problem:  I do feel like I have a blister started on the bottom of my left foot and this scares me, because, in the past I got a blister walking and it turned into cellulitis (a skin infection) and I ended up with minor surgery and in a walking boot.  I wonder if it’s because I laced my shoes tighter today (hoping to prevent the foot and toe muscles from cursing me out) and it rubbed more?   I will try some moleskin tomorrow.  The thought of having to stop now… already… because of a stupid blister really chaps my hide.

Until tomorrow…


5 Responses to “Day 2 at the gym…”

  1. rundadrun Says:

    Way to go on DAY 2! You are well on your way to where you want to be. I will say a prayer that your blister doesn’t return or get bad. I am inspired by your story and will be following your progress. Again, WAY TO GO!
    Happy running(or walking),

    • Kitty Says:

      Thank you so much Rundadrun! I love the photo of you and your daughter running, a true inspiration for me! I remember running… LOL… someday, again, soon. Perhaps I should set that as my ultimate goal, to be able to run!!!

  2. chrismachado Says:

    You know, they say the third day is the hardest…

    As far as the blister goes i had the same problem when I was playing DDR, my solution was to to wear two pairs of socks and lace my shoes extra tight. I don’t know if that will work for you, but it worked for me.

  3. Kitty Says:

    Chris… you are grounded!

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